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SBIFF 2021 – ‘Backyard Village’


Let go of anger.

After the mother that abandoned her and her sister some 30 years earlier returns, renowned Icelandic chef, Brynja (Laufey Elíasdóttir) takes a break from her life by checking into a quaint little village of tiny houses to get her head back on straight. It’s in this cozy little town that she meets Mark (Tim Plester) a British paper salesman who is on his own journey following the suicide of his only son two years earlier.

Brynja and Mark get to know each other while slowly allowing one another to get a glimpse into their tragic lives. Eventually Brynja gets outed to Mark when her sister tells the media that she’s missing and she has to bite the bullet and call her for help, not knowing that her mother is still in town and wants to mend their broken relationship. Brynja takes this…

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