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Fantasia International Film Festival Short Film Review – ‘Doppelbänger’


Character driven sci-fi short film ‘Doppelbänger‘ grabs your attention by throwing a sex-scene-gone-wrong at its audience, before delving into the ethical aspects of changing the primary functions of robots in our society.

George’s Sia-wig wearing sexbot starts malfunctioning mid-coïtus, which forces him to contact its creator, Pria. Reluctant to pick up the phone, in case the authorities might be on the other side of her video screen, she shows her face, which is similar to that of the bot that’s still lifeless in his bed. Not so unusual, since everyone now has a robot that’s basically a copy of yourself. These robots take over daily tasks, such as going to work and helping out around the house, while you… have sex with a machine – at least that’s the case for George (Gibson Frazier – Amazon Original ‘Hunters‘). We find out more about Pria (

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