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Review – Chaos Walking


Director Doug Liman has the misfortune of being labeled the close-but-no-cigar guy in my head. He’s the kickstarter of franchises. The first instalment guy who then has to watch how others improve on the groundwork he’s done. The man who delivers serviceable entertainment that’s too fleeting to make a lasting impression. His new film ‘Chaos Walking’ fits that description all too well.

Mankind has taken to the stars and colonisation of new hospitable planets proves to be a challenge for the first settlers. Todd (Tom Holland) was born in The New World. A world where all the men are affected by the noise. A cloud of lilac coloured mist that projects their thoughts aloud for everyone to see and hear. It’s a phenomenon that doesn’t affect women, but Todd wouldn’t know, he’s never seen one. All females were slaughtered by the spackle, an indigenous species. When…

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