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Review – ‘Nomadland’


Houseless doesn’t mean homeless

After the closure of a gypsum plant where she worked, and the death of her husband, Fern (Frances McDormand) fixes up a van and travels around the American west. She joins up with a group of like minded individuals who barter with others for basic necessities. Fern works at an Amazon packing plant, a beet farm and any restaurant that will take her. She makes friends with other nomads that come and go from her life. They share fleeting moments before they drift off into the void. After meeting Dave (David Strathairn) a fellow traveler, she encourages him to reconnect with his son and new grandson. Fern sees how much he belongs indoors, but after rebuking his invitation to join then, Fern returns to Empire, Nevada to see if anything has changed.

Beautiful cinematography with a documentary feel to it, Nomadland is…

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