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Netflix Review – ‘Ginny & Georgia’


A dramedy TV show about beautiful rich Americans living in the picture-perfect Massachusetts town of Wellsbury, this show stars a financially challenged mother-daughter duo and an add-on son who is seemingly not a very important family member.

Georgia (Brianne Howey – ‘Batwoman‘) is a mother, and with legs for days, a banging body, and luscious blonde locks of hair, she has decided to weaponize beauty to make the world her plaything. It does not seem to have worked in her favour so far, but her beauty is remarkable nonetheless and men do fall under her power pretty instantaneously.

Her daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry – ‘Candy Jar‘) is 14-years-old, extremely cute, and very prone to making the silly errors that most teens are born to do: shoplifting, white lies, smoking pot, etc, but every time Ginny slips up, her young and street smart mother comes…

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