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AF French Film Festival 2021 Review – ‘Black Box’ (Boîte noire)


Black Box‘ thrillingly takes us deep inside the world of black box analyzing. Like a mysterious puzzle straight out of The Da Vinci Code, this grounded aerospace thriller doesn’t hold back when it comes to revealing the truth behind whistleblowing, corporate conspiracies and how far people are willing to go to cover/uncover the truth.

When a brand-new aircraft on its way from Dubai to Paris crashes, Mathieu (Pierre Niney – ‘Promise at Dawn‘), one of the best black box analysts available, is assigned the task of finding out what happened. Before he gets the chance to properly investigate, the case is dismissed. Something or someone is pushing back, which only makes Mathieu even more suspicious. Going against the orders of his superiors and risking his career and relationship, he becomes more and more entangled in a web of lies and cover-ups while his mental health…

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