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Review – ‘How To Build a Girl’


Caitlin Moran’s novel (who also wrote the screenplay) ‘How To Build a Girl‘ tells the story of teenager Johanna Morrigan’s (Beanie FeldsteinBooksmart) journey as she reinvents herself as Dolly Wilde. Yesterday, a teenager in search of her own identity; today, a sex-positive wild child with an infamous look, and trash talking the finest artists of her era for her new job as a critic in London, to help out her financially struggling family in Wolverhampton.

Feldstein plays a somewhat similar, but this time British, character as she did in last year’s Booksmart. A tad bit more insecure, but still driven and charismatic. It does distract a little when she channels Melanie C in ‘Spiceworld’ with her British accent. Not necessarily a bad thing, since this is mostly the case in the first half of the film, before Johanna turns into a completely…

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