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Review – ‘Come to Daddy’


There is no one else like my daddy.” – Beyoncé

Star and universally renowned hobbit, Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings-trilogy) has starred in numerous horror/thriller-esque vehicles over the past decade. In New Zealand-born Ant Timpson’s directorial debut, ‘Come to Daddy‘ we see Norval Greenwood (Wood), a privileged man-child visit the beautiful coastal home of his estranged father, who he hasn’t seen in 30 years. Not remembering a thing about the man, we get to witness an unfortunate family event between the two that will reveal secrets changing both their lives.

Timpson, who’s known for producing other comedy thrillers such as ‘The Greasy Strangler‘ and ‘Housebound‘, finally takes the wheel and does a pretty good job at envisioning his original idea, developed into a screenplay by Toby Harvard (writer of The Greasy Strangler). What gives the film the…

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